Failure Only Makes You Stronger - Duane Weber of Trustpointe

It's very rare these days to hear a trusted adviser openly share details of a major "failure" in business.  Duane Weber of Trustpointe recently shared such a story through Indy's popular Sparks event.  The talk was riveting, but at only five minutes in length, it left us wanting to learn more. Read more...


Mark Thacker - Beyond the Mountaintop - Compelling New Sales Book

Beyond the MountaintopHoosier Mark Thacker is a lot of things: Christian, loving husband, father, sales executive, adventurer.    Most recently, you can add "published author" to the list.  The book is Beyond the Mountaintop, Observations on Selling, Living and Achieving, and Mark manages to wrap several of the aforementioned aspects of his life into one compelling read. Read more...


Get the Most Out of Your Rainmakers Membership

If you're involved in Business Development in Indianapolis, then chances are you've either BEEN a member of Rainmakers, ARE a member, or are CONSIDERING JOINING.  Rainmakers has a unique mix of events, training and one-on-one support that makes joining a "no-brainer" for almost any organization trying to grow their business through networking. Read more...