Understanding DISC and Behavior Styles With Communications Guru Amy Woodall

Amy Woodall is a Communications and Customer Service Trainer with Trustpointe.  Amy is an absolute master of DISC and behavior styles, and in this episode, Amy helps us grasp the importance of understanding other people and how they operate.

Have you ever been speaking to a client or prospect, only to see their "eyes glaze over" during your pitch?  Have you ever had that feeling that people just aren't "getting" what you're saying?  Watch this episode to understand what's going on and what you can do about it. Read more...


Hiring the Very Best Talent with "Talent Thief" Jeff Boucher

Titus Talent StrategiesAttracting and hiring the best talent is a challenge for any organization. Jeff Boucher is Director of Talent Services at Titus Talent Strategies, and in this episode he shares some of the secrets for attracting the very best talent to your organization.

Jeff is often called "The Talent Thief," which of course is provocative, but also describes very well the value he brings to any company struggling with talent acquisition. The Titus model ingeniously includes focusing on "passive candidates," meaning those candidates who are not actively looking to make a job change. Read more...


Denise Rezsonya - Christian Author and Speaker

Denise Rezsonya

Denise Rezsonya

Denise Rezsonya is an Indianapolis-based Christian Author and Speaker, and has recently published Be The Light - A Christian-based Reference Book for Today's Youth

The book is a great way to "wade" lightly into scripture while exploring/solving real-life problems such as bullying, self-image and stress.

  • Writing has always been a passion of Denise's.  Publishing a book the the fulfillment of a dream.