015 Developing High Performance Leadership Skills With Chip Neidigh of Kairos

Leadership capacity increases your ability to solve your most pressing problems, but how do we set about developing and growing as leaders? Chip Neidigh is the Chief Catalyst with Kairos Consulting, and shares his thoughts on the topic.

The Kairos Team work with individual leaders and whole organizations in Indianapolis, IN. Their specialties include aligning others to a vision, crafting the right culture, sharpening organizational strategy, and building high performance leadership teams.


014 Harry Howe Starts IndyGrit.Community - a Place for Indianapolis Entrepreneurs to Get Real

Starting and running a business is not all it's cracked up to be. Young entrepreneurs often sweat bullets over things that the "common people" don't ever need to worry about: How will I make payroll? How will I get new leads? How will I fill orders?

It can be lonely at the top.


013 Nancy Sunshine - President of Rainmakers Reveals Best Networking Tips

Networking and business development are difficult.  If we're in sales, often times we are tasked with walking into a room full of strangers and making quick friends.  If we don't, we may be out of a job soon.

Nancy Sunshine is President of Rainmakers, a local Indianapolis business development organization.  Members of Rainmakers not only get to network with each other, but learn best practices from each other.

In this episode, Tony Valle and Nancy Sunshine share thoughts and ideas on overcoming the fear of that room full of strangers, and actually hacking through the jungle of the common networking event.  On the other side are friends, fans and of course sales.