Children’s TherAplay Foundation, Inc.

Hippotherapy in action.

Hippotherapy in action.

Just north of Indianapolis in Carmel, IN is a very special not-for-profit with a special mission.  Children’s TherAplay foundation, Inc. is an outpatient pediatric rehabilitation clinic providing physical therapy and occupational therapy for special-needs children ages 18 months to 13 years.

TherAplay is one of those organizations that exemplifies the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  One cannot fully explain in words the magic taking place at TherAplay, but one almost immediately understands after viewing one or two pictures of kids engaged in a therapy session. (more…)

Alison Martin-Books of Mentoring Women’s Network

Landing on My FeetFinding a good mentor was a key lever to help Alison Martin-Books climb the corporate ladder much more quickly than most.  By 29 years old, Alison was already running a major not-for-profit.  Not shabby!

Alison eventually turned her understanding of the strategic value of mentoring into a thriving business.  Mentoring Women’s Network is a community of empowered women developing one another professionally through mentoring relationships.

In this episode, we had a chance to talk in depth about the power of mentoring.   (more…)

Failure Only Makes You Stronger – Duane Weber of Trustpointe

It’s very rare these days to hear a trusted adviser openly share details of a major “failure” in business.  Duane Weber of Trustpointe recently shared such a story through Indy’s popular Sparks event.  The talk was riveting, but at only five minutes in length, it left us wanting to learn more. (more…)

Mark Thacker – Beyond the Mountaintop – Compelling New Sales Book

Get the Most Out of Your Rainmakers Membership

If you’re involved in Business Development in Indianapolis, then chances are you’ve either BEEN a member of Rainmakers, ARE a member, or are CONSIDERING JOINING.  Rainmakers has a unique mix of events, training and one-on-one support that makes joining a “no-brainer” for almost any organization trying to grow their business through networking. (more…)

Indianapolis Teens Run Their Own Successful Business – Bitwise Fellows


Isabella Penola President, Bitwise Fellows

Isabella Penola
President, Bitwise Fellows

Isabella Penola and Stephen Broughton are not your average high school students.  While most teens are busy texting, playing video games, etc., Isabella and Stephen help run Bitwise Fellows – a successful Indianapolis Web Design company.   (more…)

All About Transferring to Indianapolis

Today we talk about moving to Indy to start your career fresh. It’s a tall order to leave your home-base and move to a city without a safety net.  That’s just what our guests (and our host Tony Valle) did.   (more…)

Denver Abernathy – President, Promethius Consulting


Denver Abernathy President, Promethius Consulting

Denver Abernathy
President, Promethius Consulting

Denver Abernathy must be one of the busiest executives in Indianapolis.  Even thought Denver acts as the President and Managing Partner of Promethius, he still is heavily involved in all details of the day-to-day operations of the company.  This episode is completely impromptu, as you can tell by the dress code. (more…)

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Scenes From the Indy 500

Every month of May, Indianapolis comes to life.  We are truly blessed to live in the racing capital of the world.  Everyone should attend the Indy 500 at least once in their lifetime.

Danny O’Malia Part 2

More customer service wisdom from the legendary Danny O’Malia.  In this segment, among other things, Danny shared Joe O’Malia’s Instructions on Handling Complaints: (more…)

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