Sally Tassani of The Strategy Forums

Have you ever noticed that successful people tend to surround themselves with other successful people?  Seemingly nobody gets to the top without lots of help and encouragement from others.  Sally Tassani recognized this pattern of success and had the insight to provide purposeful, formalized peer support through her membership organization The Strategy Forums.

Sally recognized that "Whoever taps into the most brains, wins."  This philosophy is baked into The Strategy Forums, which facilitates forum members getting together monthly as peers to exchange ideas, solve problems and grow together.

Whoever taps into the most brains, wins.

Sally Tassani

Each "Forum" consists of a small group of peer professionals committed to trust each other and grow together over time.    Forums currently offered are: CEO, President, Key Executive - Leading Through Authority, Key Executive - Leading Through Influence, CFO, HR, HR Roundtable, and Emerging Business.

If you are serious about growing your business and/or your career, The Strategy Forums could be an important step in getting there.  One thing that is evident from our interview of Sally - she is incredibly passionate and serious about helping professionals reach their goals.  We hope you enjoy this episode!

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