006 - Can-Do Spirit - Curt Whitesell Started Real Estate Company from a Bicycle

Whatever your situation, it will be difficult for you to complain after hearing this interview with Curt Whitesell, founder of WKRP Indy Real Estate. Curt started his company before he owned a car! Think you can't sell real estate from a bicycle? Well, you're wrong!

  • The name WKRP Indy had nothing to do with the popular television series. In fact, Curt had never seen it. The letters stand for "Whitesell Kids Retrement Plan."
  • Curt had to specialize geographically because he didn't have reliable transportation. Yes, he would arrive to a closing on a bicycle.
  • WKRP recently redesigned their logo.
  • Curt is a master of social media, and it's about all he does to promote his business.
  • Curt always teaches his agents how to leverage social media to promote themselves.
  • Nobody, except Curt, seems to "think small" in real estate. Curt is not a believer in scaling up to something huge.
  • Curt enjoys branded apparel as a way to promote his company.
  • WKRP currently has six agents.
  • One of the secrets to social media is to "just do it." It's not like it takes a bunch of time. Curt trains his agents to post generally at 10am and 2pm.

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