008 Chris the Brain Hoyt - The Smartest Guy in the Room

Chris the Brain Hoyt is one of our most fascinating interviews to date.  Chris is a local Marketing Strategist with a gift for words and creative concepts.  Chris is also the Owner of Apprenace - a forward-thinking internship and apprenticeship company.

  • Started Fat Atom Marketing with a partner.
  • Is a naturally introverted person.
  • Being a "smart person" can be a threat to others.  Chris' person is a way to diffuse the situation and poke fun at himself, thus disarming naysayers.
  • Chris doesn't think that he is "better than everyone else," but that we all have our own special gifts.
  • There is currently much pressure in society to be like everyone else.  Chris prefers the term "Hypernormalization" to describe this.
  • Tony mentioned Abraham Loncoln's 1859 speech to the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, also known as the "Mudsill Speech."
  • Chris' podcast is called "Post-Modern Living," and is his way to vent about "all the lies adults tell children."
  • He went into marketing because it's the place he "saw the most chaos and disorder in the world."
  • Apprenace - Chris has always loved working with young people, and had lots of great experience with internships.
  • Tony mentioned that Chris would enjoy learning more about John Taylor Gatto
  • Apprenace is not a college alternative.

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