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Landing on My FeetFinding a good mentor was a key lever to help Alison Martin-Books climb the corporate ladder much more quickly than most.  By 29 years old, Alison was already running a major not-for-profit.  Not shabby!

Alison eventually turned her understanding of the strategic value of mentoring into a thriving business.  Mentoring Women's Network is a community of empowered women developing one another professionally through mentoring relationships.

In this episode, we had a chance to talk in depth about the power of mentoring.  

You can't reach a goal if you don't know what you're goal is.  You should understand where you want to go before you seek out the proper mentor.

Alison Martin-Books


We hope this interview gives you some solid footing upon which to consider whether mentoring can help you in your journey.  For those wanting to learn more, we highly recomend Alison's book: Landing on My Feet: Learning to Lead Through Mentoring.

Also mentioned in this episode is the upcoming "Pass the Torch for Women" launch event:

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