018 - Jim Liston - Founder of Catholic Business Exchange

Jim Liston is a business networking legend among the Indianapolis Catholic community, and for good reason. Jim founded Catholic Business Exchange as a way for Indianapolis Catholics to share their faith, make lasting friendships and to foster business development.

For CBE members, Jim is not only the catalyst behind the group, but also a terrific teacher of networking principles. This episode explores Jim's philosophy on how to do networking right.

You need not be Catholic to attend Catholic Business Exchange. All are welcome!


017 - Eric Richards - President and CEO of Cancer Support Community of Central IN

Eric Richards is front and center in Indianapolis' crusade to better the lives of cancer patients and their families.  Eric is currently the President and CEO of Cancer Support Community of Central Indiana, an organization that has become very well known for their "Laughing Matters" comedy gala fundraising event.



016 Corporate Culture and Customer Service With Danny O'Malia

The O'Malia family are famous in Indianapolis for the legendary customer service served up at O'Malia's Food Markets. These days Danny spends his time helping other businesses learn from the corporate culture of O'Malia's. Make sure to check out Danny's website: http://www.IndysTrustedServant.com



015 Developing High Performance Leadership Skills With Chip Neidigh of Kairos

Leadership capacity increases your ability to solve your most pressing problems, but how do we set about developing and growing as leaders? Chip Neidigh is the Chief Catalyst with Kairos Consulting, and shares his thoughts on the topic.

The Kairos Team work with individual leaders and whole organizations in Indianapolis, IN. Their specialties include aligning others to a vision, crafting the right culture, sharpening organizational strategy, and building high performance leadership teams.


014 Harry Howe Starts IndyGrit.Community - a Place for Indianapolis Entrepreneurs to Get Real

Starting and running a business is not all it's cracked up to be. Young entrepreneurs often sweat bullets over things that the "common people" don't ever need to worry about: How will I make payroll? How will I get new leads? How will I fill orders?

It can be lonely at the top.


013 Nancy Sunshine - President of Rainmakers Reveals Best Networking Tips

Networking and business development are difficult.  If we're in sales, often times we are tasked with walking into a room full of strangers and making quick friends.  If we don't, we may be out of a job soon.

Nancy Sunshine is President of Rainmakers, a local Indianapolis business development organization.  Members of Rainmakers not only get to network with each other, but learn best practices from each other.

In this episode, Tony Valle and Nancy Sunshine share thoughts and ideas on overcoming the fear of that room full of strangers, and actually hacking through the jungle of the common networking event.  On the other side are friends, fans and of course sales.



012 A Deep Faith Conversation With Pastor Scott Simmons of Faith United Church of Christ

Scott Simmons is Pastor of Faith United Church of Christ, and shares his deepest thoughts about his ministry.  Faith UCC is known for being a very welcoming, supportive environment for anyone wanting to get closer to God, and we hope this candid conversation helps spread the idea that everyone has a place to worship in their own way.

Faith UCC has just started posting their own podcast, which you can find here.  If you like what you hear, please consider attending a worship service at the church:

4040 E. Thompson Road

Indianapolis, IN 46237



011 Brian Wheeler of Legacy - Are You Running Your Practice or is it Running You?

Brian Wheeler is CEO of Legacy Practice - a fee based specialty advisory firm for doctors, dentists veterinarians and business owners.  If you own a practice of some sort, but find that the "business" part of what you do is dragging you down, then Brian is just the guy for you.  Doctors, dentists, etc. are super smart and very caring, but they aren't always educated in the ways of business ownership.

Legacy Practice fills in the gaps to help your practice thrive.  All of Legacy's "mojo" flows from Brian's integrity and his desire to help.  We hope you enjoy this inspiring conversation with Brian Wheeler!


010 Jerry Knoop - Building a Business is All About Building Relationships

Jerry Knoop has for years been a shining example of how to build a business and a career by building and nurturing relationships.  Jerry's new company, Affinitates, is an exciting venture that helps Indianapolis businesses "get in front of the right decision makers."  What's great about Affinitates is that it is pure "Jerry Knoop" through and through - classy, discreet, friendly and focussed.

If your Indiana business is striving to "get to the next level," listen to this episode of Hoosier Hometown Heroes and then reach out to Jerry.  In business and in life, relationships matter, and Jerry Knoop can teach us all so much about the fine art of relationship building!


009 Indy Author Pres Maxson Talks About His Latest Book Pigeon

Pres Maxson is the most interesting Indy author you don't know yet.  By day he is a Senior Copywriter for Salesforce, but by night "THE PRESS IS ON!!" Whether he's writing and performing music, writing the next great mystery, or just hanging out with family and friends, Pres is always the life of the party.

We were so lucky to get about an hour of Pres Maxson all to ourselves!  He joined Hoosier Hometown Heroes to talk about his latest book Pigeon, which is available on Amazon .   The book is whimsically fun and the mystery within makes for a quick, very enjoyable read!  If you love fun, if you love mystery, if you love Paris... you simply must pick up Pigeon today!