Denise Rezsonya - Christian Author and Speaker

Denise Rezsonya

Denise Rezsonya

Denise Rezsonya is an Indianapolis-based Christian Author and Speaker, and has recently published Be The Light - A Christian-based Reference Book for Today's Youth

The book is a great way to "wade" lightly into scripture while exploring/solving real-life problems such as bullying, self-image and stress.

  • Writing has always been a passion of Denise's.  Publishing a book the the fulfillment of a dream.

  • Denise will be producing a television show called "Be the Light," geared toward teenagers, which will air on Hamilton County TV starting in September of 2015.
  • The book is not so much rigidly "Christian" as it is "Faith Based."
  • Rather than a book you read "cover to cover," this book is more like a "work book" or "devotional."  When a child is facing a particular challenge, she can read the table of contents to find a reading that can shed light on the particular issue.
  • Tony and Denise walk through a couple different pages to demonstrate how the book works.
  • The book is a very "non-intimidating" way to introduce biblical topics to kids and young adults.
  • Denise's website is www.denisemrezsonya.com and contains all her social links, links to purchase the book, etc.
  • The book is available on Amazon
  • Be The Light is also a great workbook for entire families.  A great conversation starter if nothing else.
  • Faith is what propelled Denise to undertake this project.
  • There is a "Volume II" in the works.


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