Failure Only Makes You Stronger - Duane Weber of Trustpointe

It's very rare these days to hear a trusted adviser openly share details of a major "failure" in business.  Duane Weber of Trustpointe recently shared such a story through Indy's popular Sparks event.  The talk was riveting, but at only five minutes in length, it left us wanting to learn more.

In our 15 minute interview with Duane, we got a chance to dig deeper.  It turns out that a story of "failure" is just the sort of thing that gives a trusted sales coach credibility with his clients.  Sales professionals face mini failures every day.  When working with Duane to better their performance, they have the security and trust to be honest about failure because they know Duane has been honest and open about his own.

 For most business owners and sales people, there is a fear of failing.  Unfortunately we've made failure a really negative word.  I think we grow more from our failing experiences than we do from our success experiences.

Duane Weber



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