Get the Most Out of Your Rainmakers Membership

If you're involved in Business Development in Indianapolis, then chances are you've either BEEN a member of Rainmakers, ARE a member, or are CONSIDERING JOINING.  Rainmakers has a unique mix of events, training and one-on-one support that makes joining a "no-brainer" for almost any organization trying to grow their business through networking.

Nikki Lewallen and Stephanie Dohnert explain in detail how to get the very most out of your Rainmakers membership.

Rainmakers is a business development community that empowers people that have a selling role to get in front of their ideal client more often. Rainmakers teaches and facilitates relationship-building to help make this happen.  The typical Rainmakers member is a business owner or someone in a sales position or marketing role.

Host Tony Valle shares in this episode that his Rainmakers membership gave him the ability to fill his appointment calendar completely, whereas "pre-Rainmakers" he could only achieve a full calendar through working multiple "networking groups" at once.  The robustness of membership and events, coupled with the amazing training that Rainmakers provides, probably account for Tony's increased efficiency in appointment setting.

Nikki Lewallen does make the point that operating your networking activities solely in Rainmakers is probably not the best strategy.

I think it's really important that you're not just in Rainmakers.  It is important to have one or two other groups outside of Rainmakers to make sure you are bringing value to each group.

Nikki Lewallen


Several specific events are mentioned in this episode.  Freshman Orientation is a great way to start membership.   This 60-minute meeting explains in detail exactly how Rainmakers works and how to get the very most out of your membership.

Word of Mouth Marketing Machine (WOMMM) is a unique training/strategy event that teaches you how to connect with other professionals that are already servicing (in a way that doesn't compete with your service) your ideal client.  Members leave this event with a detailed plan of who to connect with to increase your referral pipeline.

LinkedIN Roundtable is a a very efficient exercise in generating warm introductions to your ideal clients and potential referral partners.  This twice-monthly event is relatively new, but quickly growing in popularity.

Rainmakers members are so efficient.  We're kind of like trained killers.  We know exactly what we're doing and we know how to connect people.

Tony Valle


The bottom line return-on-investment for Rainmakers appears to be this: If you work your membership, then "getting a meeting" is no longer a challenge.  If you want to learn more or are strongly considering joining, reach out and get the ball rolling!  Here's how to contact the Rainmakers office:

1-855-465-RAIN (7246)




Several previous Hoosier Hometown Heroes guests were mentioned:  Jeff Boucher, Danny O'Malia

Prominent Rainmakers members mentioned: Bryon Foley, Nancy Sunshine, Jeff Boucher

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