Hiring the Very Best Talent with "Talent Thief" Jeff Boucher

Titus Talent StrategiesAttracting and hiring the best talent is a challenge for any organization. Jeff Boucher is Director of Talent Services at Titus Talent Strategies, and in this episode he shares some of the secrets for attracting the very best talent to your organization.

Jeff is often called "The Talent Thief," which of course is provocative, but also describes very well the value he brings to any company struggling with talent acquisition. The Titus model ingeniously includes focusing on "passive candidates," meaning those candidates who are not actively looking to make a job change.

It makes sense. The very best talent in any field are usually valued by their current employers and enjoy great job security. In other words, the best people aren't out scanning the "want ads" for a new position.
As always, this episode is sponsored by Promethius Consulting - the nicest guys in IT - providing computer support and consulting in the Indianapolis area.

Show Notes:

  • Jeff is the first "repeat guest" on Hoosier Hometown Heroes.
  • Jeff has not yet been to the Indy500 (but Tony will do his best to drag him to qualifications this year).
  • Jeff often refers to himself as a "Talent Thief."
  • Normally works with companies with annual revenue up to $500,000,000.
  • Titus coaches clients to be more "proactive" with their talent acquisition strategy (build a pipeline of talent).
  • Focus on "Passive Candidates," which are generally where you find the best talent.
  • Not a fan of the "Post and Pray" approach to filling a job.
  • Tutus Talent Strategies will help "sell the position" to the candidate.
  • Charged at an hourly rate rather than a percentage of salary. (75% savings compared to the traditional recruiting model).
  • Promethius Consulting is working with Schmidt Peterson Motorsports to support all their computer technology at the Indy500 this year.

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