Indianapolis Teens Run Their Own Successful Business - Bitwise Fellows


Isabella Penola President, Bitwise Fellows

Isabella Penola
President, Bitwise Fellows

Isabella Penola and Stephen Broughton are not your average high school students.  While most teens are busy texting, playing video games, etc., Isabella and Stephen help run Bitwise Fellows - a successful Indianapolis Web Design company.  

The Fellows are a team of exceptionally motivated high school students with a burning passion for professional and creative website design. These high school students work efficiently and expertly during the web  design and development process. With guidance from the team at BitWise Solutions, the Fellows manage their entire company, from searching for leads, creating estimates, writing proposals, communicating with clients, and doing whatever else it takes to launch the site to the customer’s satisfaction.


  1. […] Hoosier Hometown Heroes recently interviewed two teens about their business, called Bitwise Fellows.  This company’s focus is webdesign.  The crazy part is that the entire company is run by highschoolers! […]

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