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Beyond the MountaintopHoosier Mark Thacker is a lot of things: Christian, loving husband, father, sales executive, adventurer.    Most recently, you can add "published author" to the list.  The book is Beyond the Mountaintop, Observations on Selling, Living and Achieving, and Mark manages to wrap several of the aforementioned aspects of his life into one compelling read.

The book's main narrative recounts Mark and wife Pam's harrowing journey to the peak of  Mount Kilimanjaro - the highest mountain in all of Africa.  The story of this physical adventure is enough reason to buy the book, but the book is so much more than just an adventure story.

Mark breaks the story of the Kilimanjaro climb into several digestible sections, and uses each section as an allegory to teach proper sales technique.  The audacious goal  of climbing Kili reminds us to set audacious (but achievable) goals in our sales careers.  Months of preparation to make the climb are akin to the ongoing preparation needed for sales success.  Mark reminds us that "successful sales professional don't just wing it."

If your sales goal doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

Mark Thacker

While reading the book, one gets the sense that Mark is a master at balancing priorities and high achievement.  His accomplishments are great, but he doesn't forget what centers him: God, family, career, community.  Case in point - Mark didn't just climb the mountain by himself.  He did it with Pam.

Two charities are mentioned in the book, and all proceeds from the book are being donated to these charities!   Make a Difference Now actually funds the orphanage featured in the book.  Pack for a Purpose takes advantage of international travel rules which allow most travelers more luggage capacity than they need.  This extra capacity is used to ship supplies to those in need.

To learn more about Mark, the book and the aforementioned charities, make sure to visit the Beyond the Mountaintop website.

By day, Mark Thacker is President of both Propelis Consulting and Sales Xceleration.



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